Sunday, September 24, 2006

Some Truth About Iraq, and More Reluctant Conclusions

Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat

I once believed that George W. Bush was "God's man" in the White House. I once believed that he was fundamentally an honorable, honest and faithful man. I also once believed that time would reveal him to be one of the greatest presidents we've had.

I no longer believe any of these things, and I find that as I commit myself to a dispassionate examination of the evidence (this blog is called, after all, "One for Truth") that critics of George Bush have on balance had the facts on their side. In fact, it doesn't seem very close.

Warnings are ignored. Scientific and intelligence reports are edited by political appointees. Studies are ordered with the conclusions already arrived at. Ideology triumphs over the facts on the ground.

I could lay all this out in detail, but this really isn't the forum for deconstructing this or any other administration. This is an opportunity for one man to depressingly, reluctantly conclude that his commitment to Truth is making him question the honor and values of George W. Bush and his closest advisors. There was a time where my loyalty to party and ideology would not permit me to take a position that was occupied by my ideological opponents. But I find myself increasingly in agreement with those who criticize this administration for its mishandling of this war and its commitment to ideology to the exclusion of reality.

So I'm watching now, as the intelligence community is advising this president that one of the only remaining rationales for this war--that it reduces terror by confronting it at its source ("Iraq is the front line on the war on terror")--has been contradicted by the facts on the ground. Will the administration openly acknowledge this and alter its policies and rhetoric accordingly? Time will tell, but doing so would go a long way towards restoring the good name and honor of this president.