Friday, July 15, 2005

Today is the Big 4-0

And so here I am, at the crossroads so to speak. A milestone like this has a way of creeping up on a man. A multitude of thoughts have flittered my mind over my life so far, but one I distinctly recall: when I turned eighteen, I wondered what my life would be like at future milestones (21, 30, 40, etc.). Twenty-one would have to bring new maturity and adventure; Thirty was a bit hard to imagine, and 40... well, that would come in 2005--light years away from 1983. A whole new millenium! Inconceivable.

And yet here I am, and there's nothing for it to be reflective. Navel gazing may be good for some, but for me it has never been rewarding or beneficial. The deeper I look the more confused I get, and that's a fact. I've found that, thanks to the intervening 23 years since my eighteenth birthday, my many mistakes, and the wisdom of a well-found wife, it's always better to count your blessings, set your course, and sail away. The present is what we have; the past, baggage.

May the next 40, or how ever many I am given, be pleasing to the one who made me and to whose design I lift my meager efforts to conform.


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