Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wired: Podfading Takes its Toll

I haven't recorded a Godscrum in more than two weeks, so this article in Wired about "podfading"--where podcasters throw in the towel on their shows--sort of hit home. Money quote:

Podcasting has drawn thousands on the premise that anyone can create an audio program, build an audience online and even vault to stardom. Less celebrated is the fact that untold numbers of shows just wink out just as suddenly as they started.

The phenomenon has earned its own label, "podfading," coined by podcaster Scott Fletcher in February 2005 when he gave up on two podcasts of his own.

"I liken it to losing interest in a hobby and then coming up with the reasons you don't have time anymore," said Fletcher, a Peoria, Illinois, computer-program analyst who has since returned to the scene with his monthly Podcheck, a discussion of podcasting news.

I've certainly seen this happen with some of the podcasts I've listened to... As Evidence that I Exist, Outchurched, Tim Bednar's Podcast, IMAO, and others. I guess it's perfectly understandable; it takes time to put together a podcast and I would say that I hear from about one in every 50 people that listen to the show. Makes it hard to determine what kind of an impact you are having.

I haven't lost interest in Godscrum, but the truth is that I just haven't felt the last couple of weeks that I had anything particularly cogent or interesting to say. Not that there haven't been ideas knocking around in my head, it's just that they aren't baked enough to serve. Of course, this has a lot to do with the pressure cooker that is my job now, and that is my personal life for that matter. Carving out 3-4 hours to do a quality podcast is no small matter, so I'd rather wait.

Also, from the time I started the podcast I had envisioned it more like a panel discussion for bloggers, but everybody has different schedules and different levels of interest. I never wanted it to become a monologue, but it sort of has by default. That's one thing that I definitely want to change in 2006. So email me at godscrum at gmail dot com if you want to participate.


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