Sunday, February 05, 2006

Barna on Steve Brown, Etc.

George Barna was a guest on this week's Steve Brown, Etc. radio program/podcast (MP3). Yours truly called in as well. I had the chance to ask Barna to respond to some criticisms that I've encountered on the internet, particularly from Jolly's book review. Give it a listen, it was a great interview that went by too quickly. I also chatted earlier this week with my buddies at Etcetera. has a Barna interview up as well. One of the reasons I keep bringing Barna up is that there are a lot of us who are, to one degree or another, the kind of people that he's talking about in Revolution. Others, new to this conversation, might discover for the first time that voices are being put to the longing or discontent that they've been feeling inside themselves.

So my hope in all this is not that everyone will leave church, but that those who feel compelled to can take heart that they're not alone and that they will be inspired by how others are building lives of effective faith outside the institutional church.


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Craig Bob said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Barna interview Zeke. I just listened -- I might need to actually read Revolutions now. I was guilty of writing him off years ago because I kept hearing pastors quote him to justify church growth for church growth's sake. My bad -- I'll put Revolutions in the queue.


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