Sunday, January 29, 2006

Talk to Me, Baby...

For an upcoming Godscrum, I'd like to feature voices--your voices--sharing their perspectives on blogging and podcasting. Check out the questions below, and respond by sending a voicemail to my godscrum Gizmo account or to the Godscrum Prayer Request Line at 714-265-7145. Talk to me, baby, about anything related to blogging or podcasting that you want to say. Feel free to use these questions for inspiration (and substitute 'podcast' for blog whereever you like):

  • Why do you blog?
  • Why do you read blogs?
  • Does your blog have a recurring subject that it deals with?
  • Do you think you spend too much time on the blogs?
  • What's your greatest hope/ultimate ambition for your blog?
  • Do you see the world differently since you began blogging/reading blogs?
  • Have you become friends with people that you came to know through blogging? Do you connect with them offline?
When you call, please identify your name (or handle), where you live, and your blog name and URL if you have one.


At 12:33 PM, Blogger Jekk said...

I recently just started blogging, after much resistance. I realized I have come to not like those online journals where people are simply talking about their current day and things like that. But I noticed blogging has a different amibition: conversation. It's very dialogue based, as opposed to my loathed monologue experiences. I blog in order to share ideas I'm thinking about to get other people's reactions. My goal is to bring Christ to the surface in everything, (where I do believe He exists). I've found I like to point Him out in the smallest cracks of our world. I like to approve truth where I find it and redeem it for Him, especially outside the church atmosphere.

Yes, I don't have any other friends now besides blogging... I'm being humorous. Haven't really made any new friends besides what I have in the real world. Maybe I'll start picking up more as time goes on.


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