Sunday, November 13, 2005

Godscrum: Episode 4 is Live!

Yes, Episode 4 is live! I declare that all sin derives from a failure to love perfectly. My heresy is now complete. Plus updates on family, the spread of Godscrum across humanity, and I am not the nice guy you think I am.

Lots of Scripture behind what I'm saying, so be sure 1) not to miss the show notes, where I hot-link all of them for your convenience and 2) not to assume that because I don't list them all in my podcast that I don't consult Scripture. There are 17 different references in the notes; I don't list them in the podcast because it would clog the narrative and I wouldn't be able to finish in the 20 minutes or so that I try to keep the audio essays to. Enjoy, and thanks again for all your comments and support.


At 7:13 AM, Blogger Kc said...

I'm really glad Missy is encouraged. She's got real talent and I hope she'll pursue it. I'm really sorry Mrs. Zeke is hurting and I hope she's better now. I hope your Mom is comforted somehow too and I trust God to bless you with the strength to sustaon you through all of this. I still think you're a good guy BTW. Thanks for the thoughts at my place. ;-)

At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Mrs Zeke said...

Hi Zeke, I liked this Episode cause you are painting a better word picture of the forest not just the tree's and love is my fav subject!

KC thanks for the nice thoughts and don't worry about me and body pain, unless its enough pain to drop me I can take it. I hate pills that make me all funky headed so I choose to accept the pain, I think it hurts Zeke more then me.

Back to you Zeke do you remember once when I told you a few moons ago that real deep in the heart pain is not all the things we think it is when you are willing and wanting to love someone and they won't let you. It is then I think when you start to get what real pure love is all about and then you get to down the jagged pill that you can't no matter how you try give perfect love....

Jars of Clay said it perfect "....seems to easy to call you Savior, not close enough to call you God..."

We can't even touch the rim of God's love but we can sure try and shame on us if we do not.

Your family thinks I don't want to be here taking care of mom cause they don't understand how I could want to. It's my complete pleasure to do so, I hate being away from you not taking care of mom. The reality is if God has allowed it to be as it is then we can handle it otherwise God is a liar. He is not.

That is what love looks like and I am not saying this for any other reason but to show the .001% when its right. Often, not always it requires the sacrifice of something like me not being home with you to show real love. Christ gave up everything the whole world at His feet so maybe giving up something for the benefit of something eles puts us on the right path.

As I said in my americhurch post until we are willing to walk away from everything "we" care about to go where God cares about we can talk until the end of days and all we are doing is talking.

What would the church and the world look like if before we opened our mouths or did a task or whatever we asked ourselves "is this the best love I can do ?"

I guess that would be what Heaven looks like and when I get to see it even if it means I only get to sit on the very inside of the gates cause of my stupid attemps at being a better human, I am going to get to dive into perfect love and that is the coolest thing in the world.

I can accept the job of dusting off the saints shows as they enter, grabbing crowns for the saints and giving them out while my head remains without one with absolute glee and without need for anything else..ever

Dang Im talk typing to much again...ok fix my spelling issue's and ill just love you ok?

At 5:59 PM, Blogger ninjanun said...

Great podcast, as always, Zeke.
You really get to the heart of what makes something a sin.

So when are you going to invite me to be on an' shizzle? ;P

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous l. said...

excellent blog


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