Monday, September 12, 2005

The Scares of Life

Mrs. Zeke has been taking care of my mother out of state, and my mom's beloved pooch has a recurring staph infection. When Mrs. Zeke, who is very sensitive to health issues, showed up with a rash on her back this morning we were shaken by the possibility that this could be staph that has spread to her. Her medical conditions make her difficult to treat, and our medical plan doesn't have network in my mom's home state. Besides, a trip to the doctor would force our daughter to care for my mom.

It's at times like this that it's tempting to wonder why God, who should be blessing for my wife's (many and varied) hard work and sacrifice, isn't making things easier.

At church, when we pray about these kinds of things, it's common to remind God of what he said: "Lord, you say in your Word that..." as if to acknowledge that we know he is a God of his word and that we know we are supposed to rely on that. I wonder just who it is we are reminding, him or ourselves.

So forgive me Lord, in my doubt and complaining, and protect and keep my wife who wants only to have the physical strength and security to continue to give of herself.


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