Friday, September 09, 2005

An Anxiety Observed No. 3: Emerging

The very day that I took on to write about my anxiety/depression bout, I began to emerge from the other side. It was when I was on the freeway, driving to a Kinko's, and I realized that I felt physically different before I realized that I felt mentally different. I feel tired and wasted now, but with the lightness that comes from a post-workout endorphin high. Very much like that, in fact, which is really odd and may point to the physiological manifestations of the comings and goings of chemical imbalance.

I can feel that my blood pressure is lower, colors seem brighter, and I actually feel relaxed and positive. More normal, in other words.

Man, if just writing about it can make it pass, then I'll be right back here when the dragon casts its shadow.

Fascinating, as Mr. Spock might say.


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