Monday, September 12, 2005

A Difficult Morning

24 hours after a very pleasant Sunday morning, I awoke earlier than I wanted to beset by worry. Bills that need to be paid, meetings to prepare for, a long drive home ahead, and the ongoing financial crisis that never seems to abet and that I see no clear way out of, and that will soon consume my mother too whose savings has run out and does not have quite enough to meet her expenses. So I wonder to myself what kind of son not only doesn't have enough for her but comes up short on his own family. I'll also be leaving behind my wife and daughter for another work week to face all this stuff alone in California.

So, I observe this and write about this anxiousness, for no other reason than what I mentioned before: maybe it will help me or someone else to just look at it and describe it.

Lord, help me just to focus on what I need to do to turn things around. Help me also to get my mind off of my own problems and on to the needs of others.


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