Thursday, September 29, 2005

More on Godscrum

I posted earlier on Godscrum, an upcoming podcast that will feature several bloggers discussing issues relevant to trying to live a Jesus-following life in this modern (some say post-modern) world in which we live. No Christianese, no stupid church talk, and no barriers to honest discussion.

I've had some inquiries, and a practical concern has risen that I'll deal with first: How would we actually do this thing?

Well, it is being done out there right now using chat clients like Skype, iChat, and Google Talk along with recording software. I can handle the recording on my end, though I make no pretenses about being a production guru. But I'm techie in my own way and can figure it out.

The second, not really voiced concern but present nonetheless, is What would we be trying to accomplish, and why?

Well, think of Godscrum as a real-time blog conversation. For instance, I moved in blog circles where someone will create a post that will stimulate a wider exchange of comments and posts, and a conversation develops over the span of several hours and several days. I'd like to take that same blog circle--a portion of it, anyway--and have a conversation in real time. I believe that the character of those conversations will be uniquely beneficial to those of us who participate and to those who listen.

Finally, as a listener of podcasts myself, I've been wishing there was such a thing out there. So why not create one? Belive me, there are vast numbers of people who are discovering podcasting every week, and there's a real thirst for quality content. I know from the quality of the blog-based conversations that it will translate well to the spoken medium and through the burgeoning podcast movement, reach a lot of people that might never stumble into our particular corner of the blogosphere.

I hunger for a more authentic Christian life, and I am learning more every day from the souls that I'm interacting with in the blogosphere. I'd like to take it to a different place, one which I am confident will be worthwhile to share in.


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