Friday, August 12, 2005

Salvation & Sanctification

Just a brief post after a work- and travel-induced quiet period. A thought, really, and it's this: salvation is an event and santification a process. In other words, we are saved in an instant and spend the rest of our lives working out that salvation (hopefully with fear and trembling). The implication this has for you and me is that the event of salvation is not dependent on the success of the working out period. This is how David can be a man "after God's own heart" and yet be an adulterer, liar, disloyal deceiver and murderer. How Abraham can be a cowardly wimp, hiding behind the skirt of his wife. How Jacob can be a wily swindler. Peter, a Christ-denier. Paul, beset with doing the things he knows he shouldn't, and not doing the things he knows he should.

In other words, grace is bigger than we are, and it preserves salvation while we stumble our way through this confusing and imperfect existence. Lord, help us to love and trust that the rest will work itself out.


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