Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You've All Seen Him, But I Bought the Book

Recognize this guy? If you read blogs, you've seen him. He's freaking everywhere.

Meet Matt Furey, champion wrestler and fitness guru to average shmoes like you and me. His gig is selling his fitness books, tapes and seminars over the web, and he's done so well at it that he's coaching others how to market as well.

Anyway, I bought his book Combat Conditioning after seeing his ad about 738 times and finally succumbing to the curiosity. Strength training without weights? Sounds good to me, as I don't want to shell out for a gym membership and I've hurt myself working with weights before and didn't want to repeat that experience.

I'm actually really glad that I invested in the book, as modest as its production values are for the price. But it's what's inside that counts, and Matt does a great job of building a case for the physical strength and flexibility benefits of bodyweight resistance training. Many of these exercises are already familiar to us: situps, pushups, pullups, knee bends, chinups, etc., but Matt throws in a few very special exercises that provide much more of a full-body workout. Centered around his three-exercise Royal Court, Matt lays out an exercise routine that is accessible for anyone that has, and I can testify, very satisfying results. I've hardly been religious about adhering to his recommendations, but I am stronger and harder than I've been in years.

Much recommended... and unlike just about every other site on the web, he's not paying me for this publicity.


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