Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Some Background on Eric from Two World Collision

I've got a reading and a listening assignment for those who are interested in the upcoming interview with Eric from Two World Collision. First, he was interviewed last week for Gay Christian Radio, and you can download the show here. Second, Eric wrote a nice piece for GayChristian.net (Building Relationships That Matter: a Framework for Entering the Hot Zone) about the importance of personal relationships infused with grace as a vehicle for better understanding the issue of the gays in our midst. Some money quotes:
Jesus Christ is coming back for His Bride, not a harem. Yet, the Church continues in its lack of unity, its pride and division over issues and matters of life and politics while being distracted from the things that really matter - the love that God actually has for all people, and the love we ought to be living out among our neighbors.
...The divisions communicate to the world that the Church doesn't offer the peace that it claims it has from its Savior.
...Our unity and effectiveness as the Church in this world is at stake. We are perceived as hypocrites by those who witness our animosity towards each other.
...Everyone has a view (or is at least trying to determine what they believe) about homosexuality and faith and how these are to be lived out. Those who have taken sides, Sides A, B, X, or even those in between, can still find a way to accept one another as siblings-in-Christ while still maintaining their views. If we can determine that salvation comes by grace alone through faith in Christ, then the matter of sexuality is a secondary issue - a disputable matter.
...[T]here are Christ-centered gay people who have accepted Jesus into their hearts, received forgiveness by grace, and worship the Lord with thanksgiving. These people strive to love their neighbors better. They are concerned about the Lord's will in their lives. They honor the inspired Word of God. When we take the time to build relationship with these people, we will soon discover that they are no longer "those" people but rather one of "us." When we see with our own eyes the way that they love Jesus, we cannot deny what God has chosen to do among them.
For my interview with Eric, I'll be for the most part be asking Eric to elaborate on what it means to be a gay Christian from the Side A/B/X perspectives, as I think that at one point or another he's been on each side. We'll also talk about how, practically, to implement the kind of "hot zone" relationship-building that he's talking about. And yes, I will ask the "tough" questions that keep coming up on this blog from those who have challenged me on my approach here.


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