Saturday, January 07, 2006

Piercing the Crusty Shell

So Jeff dials a wrong number. Some crusty old guy cusses him up a storm. On a lark, Trent calls the guy up and records it for shites and giggles. Mr. Crusty is true to form, cussing up Trent right and left. Trent plays along, talks about his cat, and this and that, and gradually the shell is pierced. And Mr. Crusty is found to be nothing more or less than a man with hopes, pains, fears and struggles.

Listen to this call.

What it brought up for me is I should be aware by now, after seeing it so many times, that the assholes of the world are often the people who need our love the most. Sometimes they are playing out a deeply-held belief that they are rejected and despised by the rest of the world, so they behave in a way to ensure that happens. And a little bit of human compassion cuts through the resistance and anger and creates a pathway to relationship and acceptance.

Thank you, Trent, for being sensitive enough to hear the pain and loneliness in Mr. Crusty's voice and for being there for him. Amazing phone call.


At 8:31 PM, Blogger trent@ said...

I got nothin. But, together we can praise the Lord for what He can do with nothing.


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