Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Immigration Bullshit

This should warm the heart of the law-and-order, "deport the criminals" crowd: the INS is threatening to deport Yaderlin Hiraldo, wife of Army Spec. Alex Jimenez--missing in Iraq since May 12th. Turns out Spec. Jimenez had applied for a green card for his wife, but she had to go and illegally enter the country anyway without waiting in the Dominican Republic for our crack immigration clerks to process her application.

Lawbreaker. Criminal.

Rest assured, the loyal, process-oriented government bureaucrats at the INS are on her case and have initiated deportation proceedings. Only a sympathetic judge is delaying her deportation. Meanwhile, her husband, if even alive, is probably enduring hell on earth in the hands of Islamic radicals on behalf of the country that considers his wife a criminal for not waiting in the INS' absurdly inefficient and psychotically long visa line.

I acknowledge that the immigration issue is complicated and difficult to balance, but I call total Bullshit on the current crop of sensationalistic panderers that refer to illegal aliens as "criminals" simply because they sidestep our ridiculous immigration process because they want to live a better life or just join the people they love.


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