Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gratitude? Oh, Yeah... Thanks for Reminding Me

I have ended up subscribed, through my comings and goings on the internet, to a variety of delivered-to-your-inbox tips, news flashes, product updates, and the like, but one I received today from The New American Dream was noteworthy if for no other reason than that it reminded me to be grateful. Number 22 in a list of holiday survival tips (the only other one I remember had something to do with giving meaningful gifts rather than being sucked into par-for-the-course commercialism), it reminded me that "Feeling and expressing gratitude can be a meaningful part of the holidays." Well, yeah... except that I was reminded how little gratitude I felt this Christmas, having put way more energy into my own frustration that I couldn't give more and better this year. But gratitude is it's own gift, isn't it? I know that I always appreciate seeing and experiencing it--and being married to Mrs. Zeke, I am always around a lot of it. She is a Zen Master when it comes to gratitude. The woman will bitch about the piss poor state of auto styling (its apex having been reached with the original Saab 9000 Turbo Convertible), about the existence of the minivan, about the lack of creativity in pop music, and any host of interesting but rather external happenings, but not about her own stuff. Whether it's poor health (a distressingly chronic state of affairs for her) or lack of fundage (her husband's distressingly chronic state of affairs--but everything changes this year, Baby!), Mrs. Zeke is always looking on the bright side of things.

And if nothing else, I sure am grateful about that.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Eric said...

Merry Christmas Zeke and Mrs. Zeke!

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

Well babe there are important things like the generic look of cars, the awful normalcy of the minivan and the drum machine with every current pop diva song... all of which are extensions of the collective human race, we are doomed!

Health and money are just silly things :P

You however are so very important and priceless what else could I be but grateful.
Love you baby and thanks for loving me even though I am nutty

Merry Christmas Eric!


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