Sunday, March 05, 2006

What podcasting is all about

My friend Craig Bob at Out of Fellowship, who I've referred to often, has posted a podcast of his reflections on his empty nesting experiences of the last several months. In its honesty, poignancy and emotional richness it represents the best of what podcasting can be: not amatuer radio, but a new form of communication that lets us to grow closer to one another thanks to unfiltered radiance of thought. The pains some podcasts make to sound "pro" by imitating commercial radio are made increasingly irrelevant by the courage of podcasters like Craig Bob who resolve simply to speak honestly and then engage with their listeners who share their commitment to open exchange.

I think that the true impact of podcasting has yet to even be felt, despite the content explosion. As more podcasters awaken to the potential of a gifting economy among themselves, that they can step up and soothe an itch for intimacy and honesty that commercial radio can never scratch, we will all benefit in ways that can't be measured by revenues and market share.


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