Friday, December 30, 2005

Welcome to the Family, Oliver

Every couple of years or so, Missy starts lobbying for a new pet. And usually, my protests of "No new pets in the house!" hold sway for a couple of months until somehow I look up and find that we have a new pet on the way. This is how it was until I came down to Arizona for the holidays to find that my mom was giving Missy a puppy for Christmas. That's him in the picture, a unique blend of chocolate Lab and brindle Bull Mastiff. His mom's the Lab, but he takes after his dad.

So welcome, Oliver. I was against you, and I know as well as anyone that now comes the drama, destroyed clothing and furniture, vet bills, more complication into our already hectic lives, and a lot of happy memories.

And if my family is reading, this time I mean it--no new pets.


At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Mrs Zeke said...

got it babe no new pets. Someday and I think soon Missy will be on her own. So we will be saying goodbye to Gabby, Oliver, Mico and Cali. I really can not imagine what our life is gonna be like. Even though Oliver is just a brand new addition I already like life better with him in it.

Maybe not you ..But the times when I have seen you most Zen, smiling and laughing is because of one or more of the animals and maybe that is God entertaing you. Cause you need to laugh and chill.

who else has a house where a bird gets ahold of a keyboard and then pulls the keys throwing down for the cats to bounce around and play with

Who has ever had a pet chicken that ate chinese food

Who else has a dog that hugs you when she is wrong and has taught herself that glass breaks when she wants to herd the cats

Who else has a 65 pound puppy thats 7 years old and makes you laugh while he is grabbing your pant leg

Who else can have cats that have had tubes through there entire body and walk away

Who else has a cat upstairs that does not yet you leave her site and when you try to she bats at your hand trying ot get to the doorknob

who else has a bird that evertime the phone rings says "hello"

so no new pets I got it now stop being grumpy and acting like an old man!

Thats Mrs Zeke to you!

ps mom says she loves you


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