Monday, December 26, 2005

On the iPod: Now and Zen, by Norine Braun

I mentioned in my last post the innovative distribution methods of Magnatune and hinted that I found the site offered some excellent music. Witness Norine Braun, whose album Now and Zen I sampled in its entireity.

While I've written music reviews before, I confess that music criticism doesn't come easily to me. So I'll keep my comments brief, and offer up the basic biographical details along with my first impressions, and simply suggest you go give it a listen yourself.

Norine Braun is the Vancouver-based "Canadian Queen of Eclectic Pop," and receives airplay on independent stations around the world. Of this I'm not surprised; her music is very high quality with a certifiable offbeat indy cred. She is her own artist, and while she clearly has diverse influences, none of her work on this album feels derivative.

If you are fond of jazz, groovy trance music, or the female voice, hop over to Magnatune and give her a listen. I hope you like it.


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