Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Book of Churchianity: Psalm 2

God, you made me a straight man
A man of but one wife, Lord.
And you made me worthy to serve on your Board
How awesome are your ways, Lord!
Never has alcohol passed these lips
Or smoke entered these lungs
Not of cigar or cigarette, Lord, not even of chew!
For I adhere to the lifestyle preached to me when I was a boy
Back then everyone went to Sunday evening service!
And wore fine clothes too.
Surely, a man would be ashamed to wear jeans or shorts
But I have never insulted your name in that way, Almighty God.
For you made me clean and obedient, Lord
Not like those disgusting homosexuals.
Praise be to your name in all the earth
Attend another service in his name, people of the New Covenant!


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